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Shaylyn Goard Branding is here to help you explore, nurture, and elevate your brand, so you can show up confidently in the ways that matter most to you. And we will do it together.

  • Second guessed your qualifications, purpose, or worth just because you don't have the high-quality images that show you off as the driven professional that you know you are?

  • Felt unsure of what message your brand may be sending?

  • Felt self-conscious about sharing the face behind your business?

  • Scrolled through social media and felt envious of accounts with amazing photos and wondered, "Why can't mine look that legit?"

  • Gone to post something relatable and personal with a photo of yourself, but then chicken out because you don't love the photo?

  • Spent way too much time trying to find that one good family photo you can awkwardly crop to submit as a professional headshot or use on your About Me page?

  • Had some great ideas for your marketing campaigns, but don't have the specific and authentic imagery to pull it off as you envisioned?

  • Tossed and turned about those selfies you took in your bathroom and threw up on your website, hoping no one would notice?


After our Branding Photo Session, you will have:

  • A full library of photos that put your best face forward and exemplify your drive, passion, and goals for your small business.

  • A deeper understanding and new love for your business.

  • Imagery for content that helps you connect with your ideal client in a way that is both professional and authentic.

  • The confidence to give your customers a look into the services or products you provide, the problems you help them solve, and what sets you apart from other professionals in your industry.

  • Real life examples of your process to help show your clients what they can expect and how wonderful it is to work with you.

  • Never have to scroll through your camera roll to find that one sort-of-okay-mostly-good-enough selfie just to get your face out there.

  • Experienced a well-executed (and fun!) photo session, get a gallery full of beautiful images that can serve a multitude of purposes, and feel confident in who you show your audience, all so that you can focus on your own zone of genius without worry.



Fill out my contact form and tell me about your business, what it is you love, and any goals you have. I'll get back to you to schedule a quick chat, where we'll totally hit it off, choose the best package for you, and I'll send you a digital contract and invoice.


Now that you're on board, I'll have  you fill out a comprehensive Brand Identity Questionnaire to help us both dig deeper into your values and goals. We will also schedule your Strategy Session to go over all those juicy details and craft our plans for photo shoot day!


We get to meet in real life for our Strategy Session! Outfits, locations, must have shots, and all the props....We will brainstorm and strategize to figure out everything you might need for your photoshoot to make sure your images are consistent and cohesive with your brand identity and attract your ideal clients.


Time to shine for shoot day! We'll meet on location with any items we discussed in our Strategy Session. I will direct, pose, and prompt you, while making sure we get all the images you need. You'll receive your online gallery within a few weeks, and with your new library of edited images, you will be ready to take your business to the next level!

Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Custom packages and à la carte services are always an option. If you're thinking, "This is great, but I really need _______," still reach out and we can collaborate to make it happen!
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