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Creatives, Creators, Dreamers, and Doers.

So you may be here because you have #goals and a killer work ethic, but you think something's missing.

  • Not sure how to navigate the wild west of DIY design?

  • Feeling a little lost and seeking clarity in your messaging?

  • Not sure how to move forward in presenting a strong visual brand?

  • Seeing a small business on instagram crushing it with a gorgeous, engaging feed and thinking "What do they have that I don't have?"


Here, I've curated a collection of digital downloads that serve as GoogleMaps on your DIY branding expedition. These resources are your trusty companions, and are filled to the brim with actionable information that are going to help you in understanding and developing your own visual brand.



Download, learn, and conquer!

Shaylyn Goard

small business branding, logo design, branding packages, brand photos, professional photoshoot


Recovering perfectionist here, just letting you know that this page is under construction.

Honesty hour: I'm working on fine tuning my digitally downloadable resources, but didn't want to delay publishing my website just because they weren't finished!
I hope you'll circle back to this page again soon, and check out new products once they're finalized and shared!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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